English guitarist, composer and DJ Anthony John presents his one-man show of acoustic and electric guitar, slide guitar, electronics and looping, creating a unique performance of jazz, blues, ambient and psychedelic music.

The guitar has established itself as the world’s most popular instrument, and its versatility has led to its use in a great variety of styles. The sound of blues and slide guitar is loved by guitar players and listeners alike and the Delta and Chicago masters such as Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters helped to establish the blues as one of the most popular forms of music today.The jazz repertoire has been interpreted by guitarists like Joe Pass, Grant Green and Wes Montgomery, while Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck have all had considerable impact on the development of electric guitar playing. Steve Hillage, Robert Fripp and Ed Wynne have fused electric guitar with electronic music, combining the use of effects and looping with virtuosic rock playing.

These are the artists and genres that inspire the solo guitar performance created by Anthony John.

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